Emotional Healing through Muscle Testing

July 2nd, 2013 | Posted by admin in Articles

Muscle testing plays a very important part of the kinesiological practice. The first step in identifying blockages and imbalances in the body, is muscle testing. Muscle testing uses information from the body, and will show whether the body has an energy sensitivity to a particular substance, or whether a particular event, statement or memory is stressful, or if the body is dehydrated as well as much more. Muscle testing is a form of communication with the body and a form of biofeedback.

The value of muscle testing is finding the root cause of a symptom, and then applying a correction in the form of healing energy to correct the blockage or imbalance. Some corrections are very short, others last for years, or require regular check-ups. Every time we experience a stressful situation, our brains open up a ‘file’ in which to store the experience. This file can be located anywhere in a person’s body or the body’s energy field. When faced with similar situations, the body dumps more information in the file until eventually it overloads, resulting in ill health, pain and suffering. The bigger the stress, the bigger the ‘download’ and the resulting energy blockage.

Kinesiology can break down the blockage and imbalance to restore the natural harmony of mind and body.


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